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Sample Wedding Timeline

8 – 9 Hours of Wedding Photography

Sample Timeline

Here is what I typically need to get my job done and insure you get images like the ones seen in my wedding portfolio.

This information could help when working on your timeline. 


*If there is more than one location on your wedding day please take into account travel time.


60 minutes for Getting ready pictures- 40min for the bride 20 for groom

15-30 minutes for first look images

30minutes Bride alone & bridesmaids dressed and ready to go!

1 hr for Ceremony – could be less if it’s not a catholic wedding

30min-1 hour Bride & groom- closer to sunset the better for these images

30minutes – a couple of group shots of entire wedding party and groomsmen

30-40min Group shots of families with bride & groom- more time if it’s a large family

3-4 hours of Reception coverage

Detail shots of flowers, tables, decorations – would like to get this before everyone enters reception area

Grand entrance & first dance back to back
Traditions (toast, bouquet toss, garter, cake)
Photos of key people
Bride & groom interacting with guests


TIP: Many couples do events back to back.. like toast, cake cutting, first dance etc… that way we get to capture all of that and you get to get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of the day or night. Toast can go on forever so make sure you let Bestman and Maid of honor know you are on a timeline πŸ˜‰ 


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will you pose us?

Answer: Yes, I do light posing. I actually love following my clients around and getting more natural poses {joking, laughing, whispering to each other etc…} I like to capture clients as they truly are. Authentic pictures is what I always strive for. If you look at my portfolio you will see that some posing is done but nothing overboard. I’m open to recommendations, Pinterest inspired photos and props so if you know a look you want I’m open to trying it out. Just contact me prior to your wedding so that we can discuss your ideas.


Question: Will you and your second shooter split up?

Answer: In some circumstances we do. Sometimes she captures the groomsmen while I do the bridesmaids or she captures reception area while I capture the bride and groom and so on. We do however only bring one car to your wedding and so we are not able to be at two locations at one time.


Question: What do you do while we eat?

Answer: We eat too and would love to be included in your meal count. Remember an energetic photographer is what you want and a fed one is energetic. πŸ™‚ We eat quick so we are ready when you are finished with your meal and are able to walk around with you to capture images with your guest.